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We bring to life so they with customers

Having served clients at levels from enterprise to small, local, and international, in 2004 we ventured out to create ZIV, a new kind of agency. We work closely with clients to provide solutions utilizing research-grounded, budget-maximizing marketing strategies.

ZIV not only broke creative ground, it provided much needed insights from a multi-national, multi-cultural team with female leadership. Why is this important? While women make 80% of consumer spending, only 3% of creative directors are women. In a world where 90% of female consumers say brands do not understand them, we offer the perspective you need.

ZIV Leadership

Cara Miller
Managing Director of
Kansas City Office

Lyssa Surface
Managing Director of
Denver Office



Only 3% of creative directors
are women yet women make
85% of buying decisions.

Female consumers were asked if brands
understood them - 90% said no. We
bring a refreshing perspective to
connecting with your customers.

Kid’s needs, daycare costs,
and lack of options can
push women out of careers.

Given women’s desire to stay in their
career we offer an alternative to the
demands of corporate america and
traditional agency work life balance.

Women make up 70% of the
1.6 billion people globally
who live in extreme poverty.

Women in developing countries spend
earnings on family, reducing poverty
generationally. We support groups
who transform women economically.


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